Where can I buy Bitcoin and other cryptos

Today it is possible to buy Bitcoin, Ether or USDT directly by credit card or bank transfer via reliable and secure platforms. On this page you will find the main sites for buying Bitcoin by credit card. If you are also interested in secondary cryptocurrencies and want to buy them, you will first have to buy Bitcoins (or ETH & USDT) and then convert them into the tokens of your choice on the exchange platform.


Coinbase: The easiest way to buy your first cryptocurrencies

Coinbase is the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange. This platform allows you to buy BTC, ETH and Litecoin directly by blue card or bank transfer. It is the easiest, safest and most secure way to enter the world of cryptocurrencies.


This trading platform is very secure with several modes of security and protection of data and assets. Coinbase is not a decentralized platform, which means that it is the Coinbase company that manages your digital wallets (you do not have access to the private key), this is an important thing to know before buying on Coinbase. So beginners will trust Coinbase to protect their funds while more advanced users will then prefer to transfer their cryptocurrencies to a cold storage (USB wallet).


Binance: The reference for trading over 120 cryptocurrencies!

Binance is located in Malta in order to optimize its taxation but this does not take away the seriousness of the platform, indeed it is one of the giants of the cryptocurrency exchange and the company applies a high level security worthy of a bank. To start trading cryptocurrencies with Binance, you will need to identify yourself by sending all the legal documents proving your identity.


Once your account is validated you will need to send Bitcoin or Ethereum to your binance wallet and then you will be free to trade. This platform is similar to trading platforms like Forex, you will be able to place buy and sell orders as well as stop-orders. Very useful to automate your actions and not to spend your days following the evolution of the prices. Moreover there are more than 120 cryptocurrencies available (usually the most capitalized cryptos). It is therefore an essential exchange platform to acquire alt-coins.


CEX.IO: A simple and efficient interface to buy cryptocurrencies

CEX.io is an exchange platform that accepts deposits by VISA credit card as well as by bank transfer. It is a real cryptocurrency exchange platform except that CEX.IO is one of the only platforms accepting dollar deposits by CB. On this platform you set your own buying and selling prices unlike Coinbase where you buy and sell at the market price.


This feature found in the majority of cryptocurrency exchange platforms will allow you to schedule your purchases and sales based on the price of the peer (eg: BTC / EUR, ETH / BTC, etc ...) Very useful to not stay his day in front of a chart!


Changelly: Buy more than 40 cryptos directly by CB VISA

Changelly is an interesting service that offers the possibility to transform (exchange) coins against other coins. Unlike other platforms that integrate a crypto wallet, Changelly does not have this feature, so you must have your own wallet before you can buy. Once your wallet is created, you just need to enter its address, enter your VISA payment information and that's it!


Changelly will buy bitcoins (or other crypto) for you at the current market price and then transfer these coins to your wallet with a commission. Once you have bought Bitcoins or altcoins and received them in your wallet, you can use Changelly again to transform them into other coins! So it's a very useful service to exchange cryptos from wallet to wallet!