When Bitcoin is still fluctuating, Ethereum displays a strong green signal.

The greatest asset in the cryptocurrency market, Ethereum, will surpass Bitcoin.

Ethereum growth rate will surpass Bitcoin in 2021 - CoinCu News
The two most potent cryptocurrencies in the world, Bitcoin and Ethereum, have fallen by more than 40% during the previous several months.
Ethereum's price just fell under US$900, its lowest level since January 2021, as a result of Bitcoin's recent decline below US$20,000.
It is clear that the investing community is in serious distress as a result of ongoing inflation, shifting monetary laws, and declining S&P 500 stock prices. The declining value of the cryptocurrency market is an additional disease that does not appear to get better very soon.
After many weeks of downward price movement for Ethereum, practically all altcoins underperformed investors' expectations.
However, the ETH token is still far more advantageous than Bitcoin.
Ethereum looks to be overtaking Bitcoin even though bears are in charge of the market.
Ethereum has increased by approximately 11 percent in just a few days, while Bitcoin is struggling to recover from its decline below US$20,000.
Perhaps the rumors about ETH being the next crypto monarch are going to come to pass!

Ethereum's price fell to US$800 on June 19 according to coinmarketcap, but it steadily increased to US$990 later that day.
At the time this article was being written, Ether was trading for about US$1079.81.
With regard to Bitcoin, the digital currency dropped below US$18,000 and briefly fluctuated around US$17,000.
Despite the fact that it appears to be doing so right now, Bitcoin's rebound from its sharp decline has been incredibly gradual.
BTC is worth US$20,000 at the time the article was being written.
The cryptocurrency's value has fluctuated over the last several days between US$19k and US$20.
These price changes unquestionably show that Ethereum is a more potent rival to Bitcoin and may soon increase in value, enabling more gains for ETH users.

How is Ethereum bouncing back so quickly?

The intrinsic value of Ethereum did decline significantly this week.
Over the past several days, Ethereum's value has decreased, which has also caused investors to lose faith in the cryptocurrency.
Since Buterin again delayed the release of the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade, the media's coverage on Ethereum hasn't exactly been kind.
Buterin's actions appear to have been overlooked by the investing community.
Ethereum's price movement has been crazily pessimistic, but the cryptocurrency has been rebounding rather quickly.

The next Ethereum update may potentially persuade investors to invest in it.
The update aims to increase the scalability, security, and sustainability of Ethereum.
Additionally, the crypto would render crypto mining obsolete, which would ultimately result in a reduction in the enormous quantities of energy needed to produce tokens.
The market capitalization of Ethereum is now US$360 billion, but the market capitalization of Bitcoin is US$804 billion. However, analysts say that if Ether maintains its current price fluctuations, it may soon overtake Bitcoin as the market leader.

And what about Bitcoin?

At this time, Bitcoin's future is mostly uncertain.
If Bitcoin's price keeps dropping this quickly, experts believe it won't persist for very long.
Some detractors have even made light of BTC's declining market value by joking that the token's price may soon drop to zero dollars, rendering cryptocurrencies useless as a form of investment.
Despite the fact that Bitcoin powers the majority of cryptocurrencies.
In essence, it is a worldwide computer network-distributed digital ledger of transactions involving virtual money.

The price of bitcoin has dropped below US$18,000 from all-time highs of US$68,000, making it one of the market's most volatile cryptocurrencies.
However, if the majority of investors continue to purchase the dip, it's possible that BTC's rivalry is still alive.
The number of Bitcoin wholesalers has reportedly reached new all-time highs, according to analysts, which suggests that BTC will almost certainly not lose its significance anytime soon.

In summary, it is still unclear which cryptocurrency will eventually overtake others as the market leader, but it is apparent that Ethereum's strong market moves may draw in the investors that the market has been losing over the previous several months.