Top 5 crypto coins to hold in 2022

We have truly entered the second phase of the world's financial transformation, the economy and politics are strongly impacted by crypto, the impact of cryptocurrencies is not only virtual. It is in this phase that more and more people are starting to take an interest in the subject and gradually adopt it.


We have seen it in the past for the Internet or for mobile, for contactless payment with his smartphone or the health pass... it takes a little time for the individual to get used to the change. 2022 will certainly mark the beginning of the popular advent of crypto-currencies and consequently of decentralized finance.


USDT or EurT: stablecoins

How can you write a special guide on which cryptocurrencies to focus on in 2022 without talking about stablecoins? So yes, for the possible purists among you, stablecoins by definition do not offer the earning potential that other cryptocurrencies do, but stablecoins are highly necessary if you want to stay and evolve in a crypto universe and transfer your assets without reverting to euros.


Stablecoins are these cryptos, these tokens that replicate one for one, the price of a classic fiduciary currency. In this case the dollar for USDT or the euro for EurT. If you change 100 € you will have 100 EurT. So far, not much interest, except that not only you can store your stablecoins and thus generate returns (up to 12% / year for USDT) but above all you will use these stablecoins a bit like a transit zone, between two cryptocurrencies.


If now you want to secure your positions and your gains while staying in the crypto world, because you are waiting for a market correction to come back down, then in this case, sell your bitcoins against USDT, wait for the eventual correction and then you can use your USDT to buy back bitcoin.


ADA, DOT, SOL: the alternative trio

Perhaps I should remind you that behind the dreams and fantasies that fuel the cryptocurrency universe, there is real, operational and radically disruptive technology. Ether is the first ambassador of this.


But Ether has serious competitors who also want their share of the huge pie of the new value that is being created on the Internet 3.0. There are many competitors, but the three main ones are:

  • Cardano: with its cryptocurrency ADA
  • Polkadot: with its crypto DOT
  • Solana: SOL


There are a multitude of new currencies, such as Uniswap (UNI) but I really urge you to focus on these three first. The year 2021 saw the Solana crypto price take off vertically from €1.37 to €175... Cardano and Polkadot are developing and mining very high velocity, high value technologies. As I write this guide, no one knows yet who will be the big winner in this new value war.


Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland is a metaverse based on the Ethereum blockchain. Created in 2015, it allows to acquire virtual land, build or buy goods and services. The exchanges and the title of each investor who buys a plot are recorded on the blockchain. Finally, it is possible to visit other locations and associate the land with applications in order to make it profitable. The blockchain has developed 2 native tokens:

  • LAND: an ERC-721 NFT corresponding to the property title of the acquired plot
  • MANA: an ERC-20 token to buy land and pay for services in the metaverse



Another cryptocurrency that is as closely watched as it is strategic in the issues of decentralized global finance is Ripple, symbolized by the sign XRP. XRP is so "scary" to central bank-like bodies that the SEC has launched a real witch hunt to symbolically kill Ripple.


But what's most incredible is that despite the ongoing SEC scare in the US, Ripple technology is already being used by hundreds of major financial institutions around the world to speed up their processing while reducing fees for their customers. Many experts in the crypto world agree that XRP is a true revolution and as such should be held in portfolio.



So obviously this recommendation makes sense if you are one of the traders who use the Binance platform to trade cryptocurrencies because if this is the case it is very likely that you already know, or even already hold BNB. BNB is the Binance coin, the token of the Binance platform.


However, even if you don't use Binance to buy, sell or hold your cryptocurrencies, it's a good idea to hold some in your portfolio. This is because BNB is simply the third largest cryptocurrency in the world in terms of capitalization, right behind Eth and Btc.


It's simple: its price has gone from €24 to over €400 in one year!!! And I think that this is not finished.


Finally the evolution of the BNB price depends largely on the number of users of the platform. However, as we are still at the very beginning of the advent of cryptos and the massive adoption (congratulations to you for being interested now) it is likely that the price of BNB will continue to rise. Moreover, it is a currency frequently used on DEFI sites as an exchange or transaction currency. Holding it is therefore often useful beyond the search for profit.